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V Water

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Water is meant for hydrating, cushioning (joints), cleansing and hydro-electric energy.

Additives and processing brings DEATH to water and does not cleanse the body from pollutants as intended.

V-Water is energized, unadulterated and it does NOT add pollutants into your body.

V-Water is energized and structured plus dissolved oxygen.

V-Water has a pH of 6 (“healthiest level” for drinking water) which does not disrupt the digestive process.

V Water, The Feel Good Water

Reverse osmosis membranes and mere filters are less than perfect when it comes to removing everything from water. V Water uses more than these processes. Not only do the processes remove everything but the water from the water, but it removes any atomic 'memories' as well. Water possesses the proven quality of 'memory.' Filters and reverse osmosis membranes cannot erase structural memories that the Japanese scientists are photographing in water crystals, but our process can blank water back to its pure unrecorded and unadulterated state and bring life to it.

The Importance of V Water

Our process removes every kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, pathogen, pesticide, herbicide, heavy metal, and inorganic material, and also prepares water to accept and retain the maximum amount of oxygen.

When ingested, V Water attracts and dissolves toxins and inorganic mineral deposits stored in our joints, organs, arteries, and nerve tracts, pulling them into our blood to be carried to our excretory organs for discharge. V Water is a natural solvent. Water source: Well Water - Douglas, GA


  •  Immunity & Wellness
  •  Brain & Memory
  •  Oxygen Metabolism
  •  Cell & Skin Hydration
  •  Digestive Health
  •  Smooth & Live Taste
  •  Toxin Elimination

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V Water Testimonies

  1. My experience so far is feeling full faster and sleeping better with some real vivid dreams. I gave my kids some, and they liked how smooth it is. Charles F. 6/10/2024
  2. When I first tasted V Water I was amazed by its purity, I’ve never tasted a water so pure! And I noticed I didn’t need to drink as much to feel hydrated or like my thirst was quenched. I’ve tried various bottled waters but I don’t feel any come close to the purity of taste and the ability to hydrate the way ViboWater does and so rapidly! Jairus- Seattle, Wa 12-26-2023
  3. When I started drinking V-Water, I noticed an immediate difference in the bedroom when I was intimate with my wife!!!! Incredible!! - P.W.
  4. My 93-yr old Mother wasn't cooperating with drinking water. In 2017, a different naturopath doctor suggested that I try distilled water & add lemon juice plus stevia to distilled water. It worked sometimes but not regularly. My Mother experienced the V-Water in the Fall/2021 & we have not had a problem with drinking our daily share of water. She enjoys the V-Water & has benefited tremendously from V-Water. Her blood pressure has regulated; consistent bowel movements without ANY problems; and the V-Water has helped with depression and brain fog. V-Water has been energizing! Whenever we follow the suggested V-Water schedule, we get optimum health results. At 93 yrs young, she is not on ANY prescription drugs just nature's nutrition, herbs & vitamins. V-Water is a winner for ALL age groups. We have 3 generations drinking the V-Water! - C. Harris - Florida (USA) Sept/2021 & Aug/2023
  5. I began drinking V Water plus Himalayan pink salt on 5/29/2023. I was consuming 4 ounces 6 times a day and I went to the VA for a PSA test. My beginning PSA was 0.27 before drinking V Water plus Himalayan pink salt and after being on V Water a month later I had my PSA checked at the VA and it was 0.19. The date of this testimony is 6/29/2023. – Pastor Willie Edwards
  6. My legs were hurting me from the waist down and I thought it was a blood clot and it has been two days since I drank the V Water and I’m able to walk, start and drive the car and I might be skipping. I feel ok, everything is just different, I feel a lot of difference now, I can tell the difference. I feel good, I really do. I drank the V Water and the next day I was feeling good. - Johnnie Mae B. 5/23/2023
  7. I’m Lomeca Warren and I have been drinking the V-Water and it keeps my body from swelling up and I don’t have to take Zyrtec medication as long as I’m on the V-Water. I was taking Zyrtec and pain pills for rheumatoid arthritis, pain and swelling. The medications I was taking were not working. Upon drinking V Water, I feel no more pain and no more swelling. - Lomeca Warren 5/24/2023
  8. When you drink V Water, it gives you energy, it cleans your body from all types of toxins and it goes down real smooth. It's not hard water, it's clean and pure and just don't take my word for it. - Charles Warren, Gulfport, MS 5/6/2023
  9. I was having pains from my waist down unable to bend down and all my vain were stiff. Been managing this pains for almost 3 months until I got Vibo Water just for one night. I woke up and the pains was no more. - Apostle Clement Ogoro Lagos, Nigeria 5/2/2023
  10. David, first I want to thank God for you blessing us with this V Water; me and my children. I try never to say things I don’t mean. We like the benefits that it has on the skin, the increasing energy and the effects it has on the elimination of wastes from your body. This is water everyone should experience. It is a crime everyone can’t experience this type of water at a reasonable price. We will, as long as God permits, continue to purchase this water. Tasting water after this is not the same, not even close! So, I want to thank you again and as much as humanly possible, I’ll advocate for people to support what you’re doing and to pay more attention to what they consume, because it is definitely an enormous benefit for me and my children. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf – Retired NBA Player 3/24/2022 - 9:56 p.m.
  11. Drinking the V Water has provided great benefits, i.e., long lasting energy to perform exercise routines and jump on rebounder and carry on a conversation while jumping. V Water removes waste from bowel very efficiently. As a 61 year-old female, I am now able to carry a heavy 45 ct. case of water from vehicle into my home whereas I could not do this prior to consuming the V Water. I can feel a difference after drinking V Water vs. other bottled water. The V Water perks me up while driving through heavy traffic whereas regular water just doesn’t improve my sluggishness. I highly recommend V Water to anyone who needs help getting more energy! Thank you, Dr. Dave for your dedication to improving health; especially for those who will listen and take heed! Lesia G. - 9/15/21
  12. I’m 72 years old and noticed improved hydration and energy. It helps with stool elimination 3 – 4 times a day. My joints feel better too. Clevia D. – 9/17/21
  13. I am 72 years old with over 50 years’ experience with natural healing and yet I could not resolve my 25 year-old grandson’s lower back sprain. A friend introduced me to the V Water, and I gave it to my grandson. After only 1-2 days of drinking the V Water, I touched his back and noticed that the tightness was gone, and he was “back” to his athletic self and returned to the gym to continue rigorous exercise. He would say “Grandma, don’t forget to get me more water” (V Water). Alyse C. 10/5/21
  14. I am 34 and my 24 year-old sister both love the V Water. My 30 year-old husband has jumped on board with drinking the V Water too! We work odd, late night hours and get extra pep from drinking the V Water. We experience wonderful elimination results when going to the bathroom! That V Water really cleans the colon! I could swear I lost 3 inches in my waist. Recently, I noticed after eating an ice cream cone that mucus developed in my throat and I had to keep clearing my throat and coughing. I drank some V Water and the mucus disappeared! Tejal T. – 10/19/21
  15. I’m 60 and my 84 year-old mother both enjoy the V Water. I noticed my mother’s thinking ability was a lot sharper after drinking the V Water. I used to rub her legs when they ached and after drinking the V Water, she doesn’t require a rubdown. I also give the water to my 8-year-old pet dog. Ciara S. – 10/23/21
  16. I’m 61 and studying for my real estate license. Late night studying finds me getting sleepy but since drinking the V Water, I can stay alert to get the job done! Pam S. - 10/25/21
  17. I do heavy lifting of money bags on security trucks and found myself tired, achy, and drained. Since drinking the V Water, I’ve got so much energy and can perform my job with get up and go! Robert S. – 11/3/21
  18. I’m 61 and own 7 pets; 3 dogs and 4 cats. We all benefitted from the V Water! I stand on my feet all day at work and appreciate the energy the V Water gives me. My cats lapped up the water and looked at me as if to say, “give me some more”! My dogs’ stool was softer. I’ve shared the water with my Mom, 2 Aunts and a Brother. That’s how much I appreciate its benefits. Mabes M. – 11/26/21
  19. The tingling in my hands has stopped now that I drink the V Water and I also shared the water with nephews who have breathing issues, i.e., asthma and allergies. Recently I baked lasagna for family and got severe heartburn. I didn’t have any Tums antacids and then I remembered I had the V Water. I drank it and the heartburn subsided! Maxine T. - 11/29/21
  20. As a 74 year-old, I have suffered with severe headaches for many years which led me to use Goody powders to help. Upon drinking the V Water alone, I noticed the headaches STOPPED! I also let my older pet dog drink the water and I’ve observed he has more vigor. His coat looks healthier, and he seems happier! Annette E. – 12/17/21
  21. I experienced deeper breathing and is able to lie back with no breathing issues. My severe neuropathy has decreased by 75%. I lost 7 to 10 lbs. and my diaper tabs have gotten closer to fasten. My skin is hydrated more and I am not experiencing eczema anymore. Jacqueline J. V Water Experience - 10/29/202112:20 P.M.
  22. The V Water is incredible. I love the taste of it, it’s very clean and I just can’t stop drinking it when I get started. I love it that much. I am the one in my family that can’t get enough of it. The feeling of the V Water is healing when I have a Sore throat and it helps with my arthritis, too. Never do I want to give it UP… I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! - Wanda B. 3/29/2022
  23. Hi, I'm 53 years old and suffer with a lot of headaches, sinus pain, pressure and drainage, facial and neck pain. I started drinking the V Water in the summer of 2021, it is so very smooth and light tasting. No metal taste. I had noticed that my digestion was getting better and bowel movements were easier. The medicine that I take causes hard stools, but the V Water solved that, my stool is softer. Also, over the course of two weeks, I felt some of my energy come back. Thanks Lord for sending us V Water. - JA Robinson-Eaton 4/2/22
  24. I’ve been drinking what I like to call ‘Jesus Water’ for less than a week and it’s amazing! My digestion is great! My body isn’t making popping noises like before, it’s also super clear. Also, I’m 19 and I have lots of study energy without drinking caffeinated beverages! Thanks for this V Water Mr. David – Niyah G. 4/16/2023
  25. I’ve been drinking this V Water for a week now and I feel a sense of clarity and better focus. Also, the taste is great and refreshing! I also noticed that after drinking V Water first thing in the morning, I didn’t have a desire to drink my normal cup of green tea. My energy was flowing and consistent. I’m looking forward to drinking more of the V Water and sharing my results because I know there is more to come. Thank you Dr. Jackson for always bringing excellence in your service and exquisite products. I’m truly thankful for your commitment to our health and healing journey. Continue to stay amazing! - Missie S. Sandy Springs, GA – 4/16/2023

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